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Our Process

Step 1- Surface Cleaning

     Before any new sealer can be applied, the paver surface must be thoroughly cleaned. In most cases, the use of a high temperature steam surface cleaner will be used. In some instances, a chemical cleaning agent may be applied to lift stubborn stains. 


     We use top of the line, powerful, flat surface machines specifically designed for pavers and natural stone. 


     During the cleaning process, most of the joint sand between the pavers will be forced out from between the pavers, along with any dirt, weeds, and plant material.  It is impossible to remove all stains and efflorescence from the paver surface.

Step 2- PolymericSand Repair

Typically, 1 day Not applicable in all situations

     This is very messy and could create a lot of sand residue. 

We do our best to protect your property.

     Sand/dirt  will follow the water and

end up in the grass or low areas.  It’s very weather dependent and we will look at weather and forecasts to make sure we have a successful application.  Polymeric sand can take weeks to fully harden and gets soft when it’s wet – understanding the sand and the curing process is important to longevity of the product.


If you have sensitive areas please

cover before we come. 

Step 3- Sealing

Typically, 1 

     Be sure to confirm the type of sealer you want.  We offer no gloss (for natural stone), low gloss + color enhance and high gloss + color enhancer.  All our products are water based. 

   Ask about the difference and advantages over solvent based products. Pavers will need 24 hours to dry.

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