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Custom Pavers and Stone

Ayers Landscaping_907 Northshore Ct_2017-06-27-58
Belgard 3 Piece Paver Unique Pattern
Belgard 3 Piece Pavers Pathway
Granite Pavers sidewalk downtown HP
Belgard Irregular Pavers w/Firepit
Belgard 3 Piece Pavers w/Wall
Natural Stone Steps front walkway
Belgard Pavers Circle Pattern
Techo Bloc Pavers Poolside
Belgard 3 Piece Pavers w/Firepit
Unique Techo Bloc Pathway
Bluestone Irregular Paver Pathway
Belgard 3 Piece Pavers

Stone Steps & Walkways

     There is simply no substitute for the custom look of stone steps and walkways. They not only add a visual element to your hardscape but open up the possibilities for more outdoor living space.

     Steps and walkways provide a transition between entrances and patios, slopes or outdoor living spaces. Whether you are using pavers or stone, your walkway or steps should help define and accentuate the landscape and hardscape nearby. As with other elements of hardscape, the step or walkway material, size, shape and placement should complement materials in the plantings and other stonework.

     Ayers Hardscapes and Landscapes installs many types of quality paving materials in 

establishments in North Carolina including, but not limited to, Greensboro, High Point, Winston Salem, Kernersville, Clemmons, Lewisville, Summerfield and Oak Ridge.  and takes great pride in using proper installation methods.

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